Watch a video overview of a typical live training seminar.


The Extra-Osseous TaloTarsal Stabilization (EOTTS) with HyProCure training seminar is a one day event. You will learn the necessary skills and techniques required to develop a new level of patient care with the EOTTS procedure.

The program is typically limited to licensed surgeons who perform foot and ankle surgery, but special exceptions will be made for other specialists who would like to attend. Residents and fellows are also be welcome to attend.

All live training seminars are personally conducted by “Master Surgeon(s)” in use of the specified device.

Below is an overview of what our training seminar covers:

  • Introduction
  • Anatomical Review
  • Biomechanics/Pathomechanics of the TaloTarsal Mechanism
  • Historical Treatment Options
  • Benefits of EOTTS with HyProCure
  • Indications for EOTTS
  • Contra-Indications for EOTTS
  • Patient Selection
  • Patient Work-up
  • Patient Consent
  • Surgical Procedure/Techniques
  • Post-operative Course
  • Potential Complications
  • Adjunctive Procedures
  • Case Study Presentations
  • Hands-on Cadaver Workshop
  • Qualification Exam

Upon successful completion of the course, the surgeon will be listed as a “Qualified Surgeon” in HyProCure. Obtaining “Certified” and “Master” Surgeon status requires documentation of a specific number of cases with HyProCure.